We love to share our knowledge and experience to increase the quality of the value added chain for our customers!

Currently we are offering two types of sessions.

Coding Katas

  • Derived from Japanese martial arts, it is the art of constantly repeating patterns and best practices in order to execute them as habits rather than something the martial artist would have to think about.
  • Prepared environments with problems to discover and to solve by applying best practices.
  • Team building events encouraging participants to group up to solve problems faster.
  • Experiencing personal development and improvement solving problems faster.

SDLC improvements

  • Analyzing the current maturity of the SDLC.
  • Improving the maturity of automated testing and test coverage.
  • Improving the maturity of automated deployment and operations.
  • Improving the maturity of seamless flow from idea -> design -> implementation -> testing -> running -> improvement. It is important to mention that ideally the full cycle ideally does not have any media breaks, translations or transitions.
  • Improving the maturity of monitoring, continuous integration and continuous delivery. Generally, removing as much human interaction as possible in order to reduce errors and the time to market. These automated blocks become the proven, hardened, reusable foundation of building blocks for an efficient IT landscape.
  • Improving the predictability of project and implementation. Increasing the usage of building blocks and standard patterns reduces the vast possibility of individual implementations and its risks.
How can we help you?

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss an idea of yours? We are eager to hear and learn from you and share our experience with you!