Marilyn HuskićRecruitment Project Manager

Professional Focus
  • Candidate Experience: I ensure a positive and memorable journey for candidates from start to onboarding.

  • Onboarding and Retention: I create strategies for seamless integration and long-term engagement of new hires.

  • Remote Workforce Expertise: I specialize in recruiting and managing remote and flexible workers in today’s changing workplace.

  • Legal Compliance: I uphold legal and ethical standards, ensuring fair and unbiased HR processes.


Talent is the most valuable asset for any organization that aims to achieve sustained growth and success in the competitive and dynamic business environment. As a Recruitment Project Manager at The Quality Gate, I specialize in finding the exceptional individuals who possess the skills, mindset, and drive to propel businesses forward.

With a passion for talent acquisition and project management, I bring a comprehensive and strategic approach to delivering talent solutions that align with business objectives.

I leverage my expertise in sales, communication, and content creation to craft effective recruitment campaigns, engage with potential candidates, and foster long-term relationships based on trust and win-win solutions. I also collaborate closely with hiring managers and key stakeholders to understand their specific talent needs, streamline hiring processes, and mitigate hiring risks. Additionally, I hold a coaching certification and a critical thinking course from the University of Michigan, which enable me to provide guidance, feedback, and support to all participants throughout the hiring journey.

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